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Ankle Puller Indoor Fitness Resistance Bands

This indoor fitness resistance band is going to be the new addition to your exercise goal. With all the functions it gives you the ability to have a Fully Comprehensive Fitness Excercise for your Chest and Shoulders. 


  • Eco-friendly Sweat-absorbent Foam Handle: Thick Good sweat-absorbing and anti-slip ability. The main part is made of soft-touch latex tubes which gives you strong durability, and strong elasticity.

  • Unique design: The elastic foam handle and anti-skid pedals design allow you to have an insignificant grip and sits on your palm to give you an extra safe workout moment.

  • Versatility: This product is suitable for training the arm, abdomen, chest, and leg.

  • Complete Portable Exercise: You can use the Pedal Resistance Band in the privacy of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors.

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