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Buckwheat Lumbar Support Sleep pillow

Are you suffering from back pain?/ Are you an elderly person?/ Are you an expectant mother? If you are a person in any of those categories and suffering from back pain, this is the solution you are looking for.

Buckwheat Lumbar support sleep pillow crafted with soft and smoothy buckwheat husk and polyester material to give you the warm reluctant sleep during your rest time.

Physical therapy solution: With 2 adjustable height available for you on this Lumbar support pillow You will love the experience of resting in comfort.

Suitable for back and side: Regardless of you being the back or side sleeper this pillow serves you seamlessly with all of its core feature of breathability and moisture weakening properties.

Feel the difference: Even though it has lots of cool qualities it does take time to adjust to your body. And that's why it is recommended to let it adjust 1 week to your body, also feel and experience the progressive improvement of your pain and posture condition.

Grab it before it ends!

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