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Smart Censored Wireless Car Phone Mount

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How cool it would be if you have the option to charge your phone wirelessly while driving?

These particular set of phone mount for your car has an automatic sensor that interacts with your movement while you want to place your phone or when you want to take it out. And gives you the flexibility of easily placing and removing your phone.


  1. Automatic Sensor: Gives you the ability to mounting and de-mounting your phone very efficiently.
  2. No hassle with the Cable: You never ever have to connect your phone to the cable again.
  3. Interactable: Sense your movement while you want to place your phone and when you want to remove it.
  4. Easy Clean Surface: No more pain of cleaning your phone mount as well as the phone.
  5. Stylish Design: Cool feature always comes with cool and stylish design. And you never ever have to consider quality for the style.
  6. Everyday use: It doesn't have to stick to your car all the time. Just unplug it and carry it over to any places you want to work on.
  7. 360 degree adjustable: With all the cool features it also comes with 360-degree adjustable quality.

With this phone mount, make your life easier than you can think. And don't forget to pick it up on the way.

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